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Christmas Decorations - Sale Items

Sale items available at the Seasons Christmas Outlet.

Products (52)

9ft (2.7M) St. Moritz Fir Pre-Lit Garland with PE-PVC & 50 LEDs


50cm Acrylic Snowman with 88 LEDs


45cm Acrylic Penguin with String Light & 48 LEDs


115cm Standing Reindeer with 250 Warm White LEDs


47cm Acrylic Outdoor Reindeer with Red Nose & 48 LEDs


Set of 6 Christmas Icicle Lights - White LEDs


35cm Acrylic Santa With Light String


33cm Lit Acrylic Dog With Lights


Everlands 2.1m (7ft) Snowy Imperial Pine Christmas Tree


34cm Lit Acrylic Bear


24cm LED Battery Operated Acrylic Squirrel


Everlands 2.1M (7ft) Snowy Ipswich Pine Tree


Polar Bear With Santa Stop Here Sign 38cm


120cm LED Soft Acrylic Lamppost


Everlands 1.8M (6ft) Snowy Ipswich Pine Tree


1.8M (6ft) Outdoor Cone Tree with 573 Warm White LEDs


Set of 3 Acrylic Christmas Icicles - 27 White LEDs

Local delivery only, please contact us for more details.

1000 LED Compact Twinkle Christmas Lights - Warm White with Clear Cable


86 x 84cm Train Rope Light Silhouette with 252 Multi LEDs


2.7M Trondheim Swag with 60 Battery Operated Micro LEDs


2.1M (7ft) Sunndal Fir Frosted Tree


1.8M (6ft) Lausanne Snowy Fir Tree


36cm Igloo With North Pole Sign


184cm Street Lamp Red with Santa Scene


1.8M (6ft) Micro LED Plume Tree - White


2.1M (7ft) Geneva Fir Tree with Micro LEDs


43cm Wooden Silhouette Figures Scene


43cm Snowing Lantern Black Brushed Gold with Winter Scene


Everlands 2.4M (8ft) Frosted Imperial Pine Tree


1.5M 300L Soft Acrylic Rutting Stag White LEDs


Everlands 2.1M (7ft) Imperial Pine Christmas Tree - White


40cm LED Acrylic Santa & Reindeer with 60 White LEDs


2.1M (7ft) Rocky Mountain Pine Tree


1.2M Christmas Tree Rope Light with 240 LEDs


7ft (2.1M) Canterbury Spruce Tree


25cm White Water Star with Snowmen & Background

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