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Christmas Model Villages - Lemax

Lemax Christmas Model Villages from Seasons are the perfect way to introduce seasonal charm into your home. Our Lemax Christmas model village range incorporates everything from ready made Christmas scenes to smaller items such as figures, Christmas trees, presents and accessories.

388 products

Christmas Ballet, with 4.5V Adaptor

Mr. Christmas - Going Home For The Holidays

The Grand Carousel with 4.5V Adaptor

Ludwig’s Wooden Nutcracker Factory, with 4.5V Adaptor

The Bell & Thistle Tavern, with 4.5V Adaptor

Kringle's Cottage with 4.5V Adaptor

The Giant Wheel with 4.5V Adaptor

Mrs. Claus' Kitchen with 4.5V Adaptor

Elf Made Toy Factory with 4.5V Adaptor

A Christmas Carol Play, With 4.5V Adaptor

The Candy Cane Works, with 4.5V Adaptor

Yulesteiner Brewery, with 4.5V Adaptor

The Spinning Snowflake, with 4.5V Adaptor

North Pole Tower with 4.5V Adaptor

Christmas Candy Works, With 4.5V Adaptor

Circus Funhouse, with 4.5V Adaptor

Venice Canal Shops, B/O (4.5V)

The Sky Swing with 4.5V Adaptor

The Garden Ballroom with 4.5V Adaptor

Cocoa Cups, Set of 2, With 4.5V Adaptor

North Pole Observatory, With 4.5V Adaptor

Snowflake Paradrop, With 4.5V Adaptor

Rising Star Bakery

Santa's Workshop, With 4.5V Adaptor

Santa Carousel, With 4.5V Adaptor

Berry Brothers Big Top, With 4.5V Adaptor

Bell's Gourmet Popcorn Factory, With 4.5V Adaptor

Crazy Cars, with 4.5V Adaptor (Ver.2)

Twas The Night, With 4.5V Adaptor

Dasher's Advent Stable, B/O (4.5V)

Tuscany Hills, B/O (4.5V)

Main Terminal Train Station, With 4.5V Adaptor

Beersmith Row, B/O (4.5V)

New Majestic Christmas Tree, B/O (4.5V)

Battery Operated English Lane Facade

Set of 8 People Skating on the Pond with 4.5V Adaptor

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