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Lemax Christmas Villages

Seasonal Miniatures

Explore our huge range of Lemax Christmas model villages, figurines and accessories. Create a magical Christmas scene that will bring the festive season to life. Lemax has made model Christmas houses and figurines since the 90's and the range has now become highly collectable. Start collecting and build your unique festive scene.

Christmas Model Lemax Building
Christmas Model Villages - Lemax

Hundreds of buildings to suit any Christmas scene, we have something for everyone, expand your Christmas village.

Christmas Scenes - Lemax Miniture
Christmas Model Scenes - Lemax

Huge range of Christmas miniatures to create a magical scene, add life to your display.

Christmas Model Figures and Accessories - Lemax
Christmas Model Figures and Accessories - Lemax

Everything from Street Lamps to Pine Trees, we have a large selection of Lemax accessories to add to your miniature Christmas scene.

Visit us in store to see our Lemax Christmas displays.

Lemax is a worldwide leader in collectible miniatures and we have a huge selection for the 2023 season all available in store and online for next day delivery.

Bring the Christmas magic in to your home and create a miniature scene, we have everything from buildings to pine trees.

Featuring sparkling lights, seasonal tunes and spinning Christmas carnivals that will bring your scene to life.

Our Lemax Christmas Model Villages

Collectible Miniatures

The Candy Cane Works, with 4.5V Adaptor


Branson Springs Mercantile, B/O Led


Bell's Gourmet Popcorn Factory, With 4.5V Adaptor


Tannenbaum Clock Tower, B/O (1.5V)


Puppy Kisses


Power Adaptor 4.5V - White


Bristle Tree - Medium


Autumn Jog, Set of 2


Our Christmas Lemax Store Displays

Visit us today and build your magical Christmas miniature wonderland.
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