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240 LED Waterfall Curtain Christmas Lights - Multi-Colour
240 LED Waterfall Curtain Christmas Lights - Multi-Colour

240 LED Waterfall Curtain Christmas Lights - Multi-Colour

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Curtain lights are very similar to net lights, they are simple yet very effective. Ideal to drape in your window. Their bright LEDs will guarantee to bring your Christmas display to life this festive season. They can also be used all year round for parties and special occasions.

This set has a width of 1.5M (5ft) and a drop of 2M (6.5ft). It also has 10M of cable from the transformer to the first light.

Fitted with a Speed Control to give either a Static or Cascading Waterfall Effect.

Perfect for inside and outside your home, all you need to make sure is that the transformer is placed in a dry environment. Whether it be in a watertight outdoor socket or in one of our Dri-Boxes. You can purchase our Dri-Boxes in our Lighting Accessories.

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Make this Christmas the best one ever with Seasons!

Key Features

  • Dimensions: 1.5M x 2M
  • Number of Bulbs: 240 LEDs
  • Bulb Colour: Multi-colour
  • Cable Length: 10M
  • Cable Colour: Green
  • Suitable For: Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Includes Low Voltage Trandsformer





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