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Christmas Silhouettes

Wall and window Christmas silhouettes and motifs are great for making gardens and houses look impressive during the Christmas period. We offer a huge range, include both indoor and outdoor silhouettes in all sizes and colours. There are many different designs available from stylish LED Christmas snowflakes, LED text lights, to novelty Christmas Santa and balloons, ideal for your home or commercial larger Christmas outdoor display.

23 products

2.8M x 40cm WINTER WONDERLAND Rope Light Sign with 360 White LEDs


90cm Starburst Wall Tree with 296 LEDs


1.2M Starburst Wall Tree with 496 LEDs


200 x 150cm Candy Cane Arch Rope Light Silhouette with 432 Red/White LEDs


60cm Silver Star Cluster with 240 White Leds


100 x 70cm Double Bell Rope Light Silhouette with 240 Red & White LEDs


60cm Bell Cluster with 208 LEDs


90cm Bell Cluster with 304 LEDs


White Star Cluster with Multicolour LEDs - VG Twinkle


80cm Flashing Star Rope Light with 120 White LED


66cm Flashing Snowflake Rope Light with 216 White & Warm White LEDs


157 x 55cm Santa Sleigh Rope Light with 576 Multi LED


80cm Star with 230 Ice White Copper Wire Chaser LEDs


57cm Micro LED Twinkle Outdoor Snowflake


37cm Micro LED Twinkle Outdoor Snowflake


30cm LED Acrylic Snowflake - White


64cm Dewdrop Chasing Tree Silhouette - White LED


60cm Snowflake with 60 LEDs - White


58cm LED Acrylic Snowflake - White


38cm LED Acrylic Star - White


58cm Acrylic Star - White


40cm LED Acrylic Christmas Snowflake - White


Set of 5 LED Acrylic Christmas Snowflakes - White

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