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Where to use Christmas Cluster Lights?

Christmas Cluster Lights display
The first question that might be running through your mind is 'what are cluster lights?’

They are simply a dense and dazzling string light, with hundreds of LED lights on a much shorter length of cable. This gives you instant impact with a garland of LEDs. So easy to use and so many places to use them.

Putting cluster lights on your tree is a little like, lights combined with the best tinsel you’ve ever used. These little LEDs are so effective when used on a Christmas tree because the LED lights are condensed together meaning that you will get maximum effect. Creating a magical glow to your display. They are perfect for adding depth to tree creating a rich and elegant look.

Most commonly they are used in a tree allowing you to bring it to life, in an impressive and unique way.

Using cluster lights to decorate your mantelpiece is also very effective using little effort. These lights can be used with a garland much like the Christmas tree giving the garland all the same advantages. However these lights will look stunning on their own, a small tip would be to match the light cable to your mantelpiece e.g a darker wood or stone use green cable a lighter wood or stone clear or white cable.

Placing them around a mantelpiece adds a special sparkle.

Pillars, Post or Beams
Pillars or posts are a great place to wrap cluster lights around again on their own or with a garland. This will create a beautiful lit archway effect. However if your house has beams along the ceiling then feel free to run these along them creating a “run way” effect this will create a stars twinkling at night look.

By simply weaving them around a beam will illuminate a dull and dark area.

Ordinarily you see icicle lights draped along guttering; but you're not ordinary! You want to stand out, just like cluster lights!

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