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How to set up my Christmas String Lights

Christmas String Lights display

Identify where you are going to place your lights?
Before you purchase your lights you will need to figure out where they are going to go. There are plenty of places you can use string lights, the list is endless but a few examples are trees, windows or staircases. Once you have decided, it's time to measure up.

Measure up
Measure the area the string light is going to cover, and add 10% to allow a margin for error.

Browse and Purchase
Have a look through our huge range of string lights. Choose from a variety of different colours, sizes and functions. A collection of these lights are also manufactured with a sensor, timer and include a remote control, allowing you to control the string lights from the palm of your hand.

Figure out where and how you're going to light them up? Are you going to plug them indoors? Do you have a socket nearby or need an extension lead/adaptor?
If you are going to plug them outside, do you have an outdoor power socket? Do you have a shed or can you plug them indoors? If not you are going to need a Dri-box to keep your plug/transformer safe from the elements (water).

Next on the list and most importantly is, test your lights. Be sure to unravel your lights, plug them in and check to see they are all working! The last thing you want is to fix your lights into place and find they don't work.

Make sure you have what you need before starting. Suction pads, adhesive pads, cable clips or even ladders and so on. If you're going up high make sure you use a sturdy ladder with someone to help you. A bucket can be helpful to hold all your tools, lights and accessories, along with a 'S' hook to attach your bucket to the ladder.

Lighting Up
If applicable, affix all your suction, adhesive pads or cable clips into position. Then simply attach your string lights to these accessories, pre-select the function if it has this option i.e. twinkling, and let the drums roll! Switch the lights on, sit back and enjoy all your hard work!

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