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Help Guide For Buying An Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas Trees on Display at Seasons Christmas Outlet

The Christmas tree is a focal point for the majority of Christmas displays, so making sure you choose the right one is important. This guide will assist you through the buying process helping you to choose the perfect Christmas tree for you.
Finding The Right Size
The first thing to do when buying a Christmas tree is to decide where it will be located. Will it be the focal point of your Christmas display or a second tree for the dining room. How much room do you have for the tree? Is it going to be placed in the corner of the room or the centre of your window?
Once you have determined the location for the tree, how much space are you looking to fill? This will help you determine the perfect Christmas tree height for you. If your looking to go for the biggest tree for impact we advise you allow roughly 15cm (6inches) from your ceiling, giving you enough room to add your choice of Christmas tree topper. Another factor of choosing your Christmas tree is the girth, measure the available space you have and this will help your decision on which tree to pick.
One of many advantages of artificial Christmas trees is that they are available in a huge range of styles and sizes, permitting you to find ideal tree for your needs. There are many different options you can go for when selecting your tree, but if space is a big factor in your decision then choosing a slim line tree or even a half tree would be ideal for you.
What are they made from?
There are two main types of artificial Christmas trees: the standard PVC and the more realistic PE. The majority of artificial Christmas trees are made from PVC. Each needle being flat and unrealistic but because they are inexpensive, they have become a popular alternative to real Christmas trees. PVC trees can look fantastic but if your looking for a more natural and realistic tree, then PE tips are the best. The branches of these trees are made three-dimensional unlike PVC branches, giving the tree more thickness, density and most importantly a more natural, realistic appearance. PE is a more costly material and therefore the trees don’t come cheap, but if your looking for the wow factor then this is the type of tree you want to consider. Some trees may use a combination of the two materials to make the tree look fuller. The mixed branches often create an extremely full, realistic tree and offer great value.
Design & Construction
Throughout our website you will see the artificial trees being described as: Hook-in or Hinged. Hook-in design is where the branches are put into the stem individually, normally a colour coded system to make this as easy as possible. On the other hand the more common option is a hinged tree, these are easy and quick to set up. The tree is split into two or three parts and the branches are fixed to the stem on a hinge, also making it easier to take down and store away year after year. All you need to do with hinged trees is simply fluff out the branches for maximum effect.
Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees
The decision between non-lit and pre-lit Christmas trees is a matter of personal preference and convenience. Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees are a more expensive option than non pre-lit trees but since dressing the tree with lights is one of the most time consuming processes of your Christmas display, a pre-lit tree involves less work. Perfect for those who are looking for a quick set-up. Although there are a range of pre-lit trees it does limit you to a certain colour and style of tree, as they generally come with warm white or multi-coloured LEDs.

Decorating Your Tree
When purchasing an artificial Christmas tree, contemplate how you plan to decorate it. Taking in to consideration a colour scheme including lights and baubles. If you would like any inspirations with your Christmas tree themes then check out our Pinterest & Instagram pages.

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